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This webinar was recorded on 19th May 2021. It explored the impact of retail delivery and returns experiences on business' ability to attract and retain the custom of high-spending online consumers. What you will learn:

  • What matters to online shoppers in light of the pandemic

    Insights from our consumer research with YouGov

  • How other organisations are levelling up in logistics

    Using real customer case studies  

  • How to save 30% on your direct logistics costs

    By using a multi-provider logistics strategy and AI technology 

  • An introduction to the 7bridges AI-powered logistics platform

    And some of the ways we can help you deploy world-class retail supply chain solutions

Ask the presenters a question:

Simon Circular

Simon Lewis, Head of Growth at 7bridges

cory headshot2

Cory Haley, Sales at 7bridges

Responses to the webinar Q&A Session:

We received some questions during the recording. Here are the responses:

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About 7bridges

7bridges is a next-generation, AI-powered logistics platform used by retailers and other businesses to unify data and operations across their supply chain, while saving on average 30% on their direct costs.

The platform connects businesses to an open ecosystem of transportation carriers and logistics suppliers, and uses real-time AI technology to dynamically select the best route, carrier and packaging for every shipment. 7bridges ensures the best outcome for every order that's sent, and offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and resilience in these uncertain times.

7bridges was founded by Phil Ashton and Matei Beremski, and was recently selected as one of Europe's hottest AI startups in 2020 by Business Insider.