The pandemic has changed shopping habits

The way we shop has shifted in such a dramatic fashion that even predictions made in 2019 seem out of touch. The uncertain trading environment brought on by COVID-19 and Brexit suggests it’s more pressing than ever to keep pace with consumer expectations.

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50% increase in online consumer spending

The huge increase in online spending since the start of the pandemic is due to continue, even as life returns to normal. But as online sales soar, consumer expectations are changing. Expedited delivery, easy returns and free standard shipping are now perceived to be the norm.

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Amazon has set and raised the bar for choice and speed

Amazon continues to dominate in the space, delivering the online shopping experience consumers want, and enjoying record sales in the second half of 2020 as a result. 

Even with the mounting Brexit obstacles, Amazon continues to trade with relative ease —a fact that small and medium-sized businesses in the UK likely envy. 

These challenges present the need and the opportunity for retail businesses to redouble their efforts to offer an exceptional customer experience, and make seamless online business a priority.

7bridges has conducted new research (with YouGov) into shifting consumer expectations in light of the pandemic, and developed The Retail Logistics Guide 2021 - that contains practical advice for retailers to capitalise on the opportunities they present.


Top five: Consumers’ must-haves and can’t-stands

Research conducted by 7bridges and YouGov shows that consumers who have a preference for online shopping are high spenders. They spend nearly 169% more than their high-street counterparts. What matters to them, and how can you best attract and retain their business?

Consumer 'can't-stands'

7bridges and YouGov research shows that the five things most likely to reduce consumer spend with their retail brands are:


Coloured number-1High delivery prices

Coloured number-2-1Regular item stockouts

Coloured number-3Costly returns

Coloured number-4Difficult returns process

Coloured number-5Poor delivery experience

Consumer 'must haves'

The top five reasons consumers love their most recommended retail brands are:

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Coloured number-1Great selection of products

Access The 2021 Retail Logistics Guide

This guide offers insights into:

  • Changes in shopping patterns since the start of the pandemic
  • The ability of businesses to recover lost profits in 2021
  • The relationship between consumer spending and logistics experience
  • What consumers expect from online shopping
  • How to offer an exceptional online experience in 2021 and beyond
  • Offering expedited deliveries - including next-day at a cost of £2.30 per shipment

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