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Leading global pharmaceutical supplier, Clinigen, transformed their supply chain with A.I. Since their two week project with 7bridges, Clinigen has seen:


in savings through the platform

Better negotiating position with providers

Increased visibility and granularity of supply chain data

Dedicated to making sure the right medicine gets to the right patient at the right time, Clinigen take their supply chain seriously. Upholding their reputation through the complexities of recent years was no mean feat. Particularly as they, like most companies, didn’t have full visibility of how it was impacting their costs.


From too many providers, too little data...

As a result of Brexit, Clinigen moved their European Union (EU) distribution from the UK to Belgium. They noticed higher costs and lower delivery performance. However, Clinigen couldn’t see why that was happening or how to change it. Their problems were threefold:


Their supply chain techstack wasn’t set up to use the data that could give them insight into their challenges.


They had an overwhelming number of provider accounts
to manage. From their seven providers, they had 120 accounts to manage. The sheer amount of data produced by them, and managing them, added to the challenge.

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As is common for many businesses, the specialty providers they used had no standardised rate card and Clinigen needed a new quote for each lane and each shipment. This exacerbated the problem with their already complex and non-standard data. data-driven success

To set Clinigen up for success, tackling the data problem first was key. 7bridges pulled all of their supply chain data together and produced a map of their provider network and logistics spend. This structured their data and established a baseline to compare against.

Because there was now data to rely on, we were able to help Clinigen negotiate a new way of working with their speciality providers.
This answered several of Clinigen’s questions such as:

  • How do you audit invoices without rate cards?
  • How do you gain clarity on what should and shouldn’t be invoiced?
  • Who has access to that data?

From there, we used our platform to audit the invoices from all their providers. This project generated total savings of around 15%. In one region, the cost savings were as high as 40%, enabling Clinigen to better focus on the needs of their customers. Since then, that number has risen massively.

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estimated savings

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savings in one region

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No IT, no problem

One concern Clinigen had before starting the project was a lack of IT resource on their end. Because their IT team was wrapped up in a number of other projects, they worried there would not be time for the integration of 7bridges.

However, these steps of gathering data to create baseline information and auditing incoming invoices are straightforward to implement and don’t require time and energy from our customers’ IT teams. And they still yield massive results. In Clinigen’s case, they have seen an estimated savings of £1.7m since this first, IT-team-free, project was rolled out.

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