Rapidly reduce logistics costs by 5%

Logistics invoices can be hundreds of pages long, and contain thousands of lines of charges. Manually reviewing these wastes hours of time. Unfortunately, most of the overcharges they contain are also missed - resulting in an unnecessary loss of revenue.

7bridges solves the problem for you, with our Audit tool.

Free trial - historic logistics invoice audit

Reduce your costs and save time

How much time do you spend reviewing parcel invoices from your logistics providers? The 7bridges Audit tool saves you hours of work by automating the process for you.

It normalises invoice data from all of your suppliers, detects errors and flags them for dispute. Not only will it save you time, it can help you rapidly reduce your logistics spend by 5%.

7bridges benefit - identify SLA breaches

Ensure your carriers are meeting performance commitments, by swiftly identifying SLA breaches.

7bridges - save money with audit tool

Claim the refunds that you're entitled to, and rapidly boost profit margins by saving 5% on your logistics spend. 

7bridges - free AP team from manual reviews

Discover hidden costs in parcel invoices, and free your AP team from a painful manual review process.

Get started in just 15 minutes

Step 1: Enter your details

In order to get you set up, we need to gather a few details - including the names of your third-party logistics providers (if you haven't got these to hand, that's ok - we can handle it later).

Step 2: Accept Ts & Cs

Once you've filled out the form on this page, you'll be directed to our Terms and Conditions. You'll need to accept these in order to access the free Audit tool.

Step 3: Book your 15 minute training session

Once we've got your details, we'll create your 7bridges account and a member of our Customer Success team will show you how to use it in a 15 minute training session.

Step 4: The magic happens

Our artificial intelligence - "L.E.O" - will clean and normalise data from all of your providers. It will then identify all of the anomalies and mistakes, and flag the invoices which should be disputed.

What to expect

In order to provide our services to you, 7bridges needs to amongst other things access the Accounts, liaise with logistics providers on your behalf and manage invoice adjustments and service level failure and overcharge queries in respect of those accounts (the Audit Package). We'll need the details of your logistics providers in order to do this.

About 7bridges

The Audit tool is just one small part of the 7bridges AI-powered logistics platform. Our smart technology is used by high-growth businesses to transform and future-proof their logistics, while saving up to 30% on their direct costs. 

7bridges connects businesses to an open ecosystem of transportation carriers and logistics suppliers, and uses real-time AI technology to dynamically select the best route, carrier and packaging for every shipment. 7bridges ensures the best outcome for every order that's sent, and offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and resilience in these uncertain times.

7bridges was founded by Phil Ashton and Matei Beremski, and was recently selected as one of Europe's hottest AI startups in 2020 by Business Insider.