2022 will be another challenging year for pharma businesses

Even in pre-pandemic times, the pharmaceutical supply chain was rapidly becoming more global and complex, highlighting the need to withstand shocks and minimise risk.

Digitisation is key to supply chain resilience, moving from a network of manual, siloed systems to a formula that puts real-time visibility and centralisation first, leading to operating efficiencies.

AI can have a real and immediate impact on the resilience of your supply chain. Here are five areas within the pharmaceutical supply chain where AI can build resilience.

In this video we cover:

  1. How AI can drive efficiencies, by creating data visibility and transparency
  2. Using AI-powered demand forecasting to ensure timely and complete patient care
  3. Ways to reduce exposure to risk in current contracts and the procurement process
  4. How to use AI to prepare for all contingencies, with the use of 'Digital Twin' planning and simulation technologies
  5. Reducing carbon footprint to future-proof your business, by using AI modelling and decision-making throughout the supply chain

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Learn how Clinigen are using the 7bridges 'Digital Twin' artificial intelligence technology

"We wanted to build a digital twin of our logistics infrastructure and movements, so we could better predict abnormal situations and inform decisions across the business. This would require access to big data and advanced machine learning.

We sought a partner who could bring all of our internal data into one place, enrich it with external carrier data and use it to analyse our network to identify efficiencies. We ultimately selected 7bridges for a phased implementation of their AI-powered logistics platform."

Sam Herbert, Chief Operating Officer at Clinigen Group

About 7bridges

7bridges is a next-generation, AI-powered logistics platform used by retailers and other businesses to unify data, operations across their supply chain, while saving on average 30% on their direct costs.

The platform connects businesses to an open ecosystem of transportation carriers and logistics suppliers, and uses real-time AI technology to dynamically select the best route, carrier and packaging for every shipment. 7bridges ensures the best outcome for every order that's sent, and offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and resilience in these uncertain times.

7bridges was founded by Phil Ashton and Matei Beremski, and recently received a $17M investment to transform supply chains with AI, enabling companies to build supply chains that are customer centric, resilient to disruption, more cost-effective, help to decrease waste, improve access to goods worldwide and ultimately, autonomous.